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My Experience with the Scoopfree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box

Everyone who owns a cat knows that litter box issues can be the biggest downside to owning a cat. Between the frequent cleaning, the smell, and scattered litter as the cat tries to bury its waste, litter box issues can be enough to make one reconsider every getting another cat. When I saw the ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box, it seemed to be the answer to every cat owner’s wildest dream promising to solve all these problems.

It is certainly expensive compared to traditional litter boxes, but that’s to be expected for a box that has a motorized cleaner built-in. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Overall, it’s been a very positive experience, and I’d recommend the ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box to anyone. 

At first, our cat didn’t seem to understand that it was, in fact, a litter box. He ignored it entirely. Finally, we tried adding a small handful of traditional cat litter to the pre-filled tray inside the ScoopFree box. That did the trick. Our cat began using the box immediately after that.

Once the cat did start using it, I was very pleased with ScoopFree. First, the litter material does a terrific job at eliminating odors. It might be the odorless nature of the litter that kept our cat from recognizing it as a litter box in the first place. 

There’s a timer function that allows you to set the delay between the cat using the box and the activation of the raking mechanism. I use the maximum setting to give the cat plenty of time to finish its business without being disturbed. 

When activated, a rake moves through the litter collecting up waste and clumped urine. It collects these into a sealed area at the end of the litter tray. This, plus the litter material used, helps keep odors down. The fact that it’s a covered litter box with a high entrance helps prevent litter from being scattered outside the box as the cat scratches in it.

I really like the fact that there is an electronic counter that tells you how many times your cat has visited the litter box. This lets you know whether the cat is really using the ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box and when it’s ready for a new litter tray to be installed.

Even cleaning the litter box is easy with the pre-filled trays. All you do is remove the litter box cover, lift out the old litter tray and replace it with a new one. The old one goes into a trash bag. No mess, no scooping, no hassle. You never have to wash out the litter box like you would with a traditional litter box. The tray is completely self-contained and fully disposable.

I do find that I still have to add that little bit of clay litter each time I change the litter box to remind that cat that this is really a litter box, but other than that, the ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning Litter box works as advertised and is a huge improvement over other litter boxes including other so-called self-cleaning litter boxes that I’ve tried. I recommend it to all my friends with cats and catfriends.

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