How to start a moss garden

The Ultimate Guide to Moss Gardens

Easily recognizable, yet highly underrated; moss is the unsung hero of many ecosystems. Moss species can be found nearly everywhere in the world, and now you can have it in your garden as well. In this article, we’ll be talking about moss gardens: why you should want one, what kind of moss you should grow, and how to successfully transplant moss into your garden. Read on to learn more!

DIY compost

Backyard Composting for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to reduce your kitchen or yard waste, or your want to create a nutrient rich amendment to guarantee a bountiful harvest from this year’s garden, learning how to compost in your backyard is an incredible tool to add to your DIY arsenal.  And while it may seem intimidating at first, composting at home is simple and easy to master if you understand a few basic tips.

Heath Wave

How to Protect Your Plants from a Heatwave

Heatwaves come and go, but that doesn’t mean your plants also have to. As temperatures soar beyond 90°F, most plants start to suffer. Out of their comfort zone of 55-85°F, the typical signs of weather damage begin to show. Generally, heat stress presents itself primarily as wilting, showing that water loss has taken place as leaves turn crunchy brown before dying. But your plant will cry for help in more ways than one. 

Cold Frame Gardening

6 Smart Tips for Successful Cold Frame Gardening

A cold frame is simply a box covered with a clear top, and the size of the container can be as large or as small as space permits. And while it may look like a miniature greenhouse, the main distinction is that a cold frame is not heated. Instead, the clear top on the cold frame captures free energy from the sun, nourishing the plants inside it, allowing them to survive their winter dormancy and giving tiny seedlings a fighting chance in harsh conditions.

Squirrels in your garden

Squirrels in the Garden: the Good & the Bad

Squirrels perch adorably on that fine fence line between entertainment and nuisance. While a welcome sight for many, many gardeners will already be aware of the trail of subtle destruction squirrels leave behind. Today, we’re exposing the garden squirrel. We’ll look at its good and bad side, examining all angles and figuring out why they do what they do – let’s get to it!

DIY Greenhouse Project scaled

Best DIY Greenhouse Projects

A well-made greenhouse is at the top of every avid gardener’s list of priorities. By maintaining warmth and humidity levels, you can encourage plants to grow, enriching the life in your garden. Fortunately, greenhouses aren’t a one size fits all scenario. There are multiple variations of greenhouses, and by trying a DIY greenhouse project, you can create the perfect outdoor space for your garden and lifestyle. In this blog post, we’re sharing our top DIY greenhouse projects and how you can best utilise this space.

How to start a hydroponic garden

How to Start a Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic is a type of gardening where instead of soil, a solution of nutrients and water is used to grow plants. In a hydroponic system, you can grow plants and vegetables much faster as compared to growing them outdoors in soil. Moreover, this system can be used around the year; plants grown in this system usually yield more, require less space, and use less water as compared to conventional outdoor gardening. 

gardening tips beginners

7 Simple Gardening Tips for Beginners

Gardening is typically viewed as a leisurely pastime activity. But for some, gardening is serious business. If you’re one of those who’ve heeded the gardening call, it’s vital to grasp a few basics before diving in. Here are seven simple gardening hacks to get you started.

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