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DIY Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

There are many budget-conscious, crafty ways to optimise the storage in your space. DIY storage solutions are not only environmentally friendly, but they also get you thinking outside the box, using your creativity to imagine the infinite ways in which ordinary objects can be used. This is a list of big and small ways to reduce clutter, get your creative juices flowing, and bring you peace of mind in your home.

Painted Pallets

One of the most versatile and common materials to use for DIY storage are pallets. You can find them in the back of most large hardware or big-box stores. These handy wooden structures can be used in a multitude of ways, including bed frames, shoe racks, plant storage, etc. One important thing to note is that pallets often come treated with wood finishing chemicals, and that it is always best to apply a layer of primer and paint before using them. 

To make your pallet bedframe, simply arrange the number of pallets necessary to cover the area of your mattress. Then decide how high you would like your bed to be, stacking your pallets to the desired height. You can then use the spaces in between pallets to store items such as books, records, or other flat objects. 

For a vertical plant pallet, first paint your pallet the colour of your choosing, then arrange it vertically, the top of the pallet facing the wall. You now have a space-conscious plant storage unit! You can also use your painted pallets as a space-saving bookshelf by arranging it horizontally against your bedroom or living room wall.

Another great use for pallets is using them as a vertical shoe rack. All you must do is position your painted and primed pallet horizontally, decorate the top as you wish, and store your shoes vertically in the wooden compartments. Of course, this is best suited for lighter shoes, such as runners, sandals, and slippers, and would not be ideal for boots or heavier footwear.

Milk Crate Storage

Another classic DIY storage material is the milk crate. These can easily be found in the back of your local grocery store and are ready-to-use stackable storage units. These usually don’t come in a variety of colours and if the classic black or red colour is not your vibe, you can apply a quick coat of spray paint in the tone of your choosing. Metallic silver and gold are popular choices that spruce up the theme of any space. Make sure to apply 2-3 coats as evenly as possible, allowing adequate drying time in between, for the best results. 

Once they’re painted and ready to go, simply stack them horizontally and use them as storage for books, clothing, toys, plants, etc. To achieve a more unique shelving look, you can use slabs of wood or unused bookshelves to create extra platforms within your storage unit. 

Wooden Crate Storage

Wooden crates are another easily found material for making simple storage solutions for your small living space. Just like with the wooden pallets, you have the freedom of choosing any colour to paint your wooden crates to match your home décor theme. Unlike the pallets, you can leave your wooden crates unpainted, as they are usually constructed with raw, untreated wood. Many people like the aesthetic of the raw wood, as it adds a country-home feel to a place. 

Just like with milk crates, stack them as you wish, whether horizontally or vertically to achieve the optimal storage look and use for your needs. Many people even use these as bed-side tables, either just having one on its side, vertically, or stacking two on top of each other horizontally. If going with the stacking route, it’s a good idea to secure the two pieces together with some flat metal corner braces and screws. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can fancy it up by getting some attachable feet and drilling them onto the bottom to give it that classic nightstand look.

Recycled Frame Jewellery Storage

When dealing with tight spaces, every little detail counts. Even seemingly small furniture such as a jewellery box can take up some valuable real estate on top of dressers and bathroom shelves. Enter, the recycled frame jewellery storage. Instead of having your jewellery all tangled up or taking up a lot of counterspace in your multi-compartment jewellery box, you can easily hang most pieces on this handy vertical wall-storage.

The easy version is to find a recycled picture frame and spray paint the frame to your desired colour. Then, use a glue gun to attach any piece of fabric, taut onto the back where the picture would normally go. Finally, you can hand-screw in some C-screws along the bottom, sides, and corners to hang necklaces and bracelets on. The fabric interior can be used for earrings, by simply hanging them through the fabric. 

If you are feeling inspired to, you can take on the slightly more advanced version, which will have a stronger foundation for heavier jewellery. For this project, you will need some chicken wire on top of the materials needed for the first version. Before attaching the fabric, cut a piece of chicken wire slightly larger than the inner border of your picture frame and attach it with your glue gun. Proceed with the fabric adhesion on top of the chicken wire frame. This way, you can hang your heavier earrings with ease onto the chicken wire grid. 

Decorative Sunglasses Hanger

Another easy way to save space storing the little things is to make your own hanging sunglasses rack. It’s easy—all you need is a hanger, a nail, and a hammer! Make sure to find a wooden or wire hanger with the additional horizontal bar for pants. You can decorate your hanger any way you wish, including spray paint, ribbons, etc. Simply hammer a nail into the wall where you would like to hang your sunglasses, hang your hanger, and voilà! All that’s left is to display your sunglasses vertically along the horizontal bar. This is what it looks like

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