MAke your bedroom romantic

Distinctive Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom

In any home, the intimacy of a bedroom can help to define a couple’s relationship. A comfortable, peaceful, and romantic environment is the goal when decorating the space where you and your love will spend time together and get close. Adding just a few select elements to the room can transform any master bedroom into a romantic sanctuary.

Add a Fireplace

One of the most romantic elements to add to a bedroom is a built-in fireplace. Of course, in many homes adding such a feature isn’t possible or affordable. However, a solution does exist. 

You can quickly add a gorgeous, electric fireplace to any room. Place it against the wall opposite the end of the bed or even against a wall at the side so that you can enjoy its warmth and beauty while in bed.

If space is an issue, opt for a smaller stove heater and place it in one corner of the room. You’ll love the cozy and intimate feeling it adds to your bedroom. Remember to always check the instructions before purchasing to make sure the fireplace or stove heater will fit safely into your space.

Add Personal Photos

To add more romance to the room, hang photos from your wedding and honeymoon over the fireplace. Each time you’re in bed cuddling, you can look at the pictures and relive those special times together. Consider hanging one large image from your wedding in the center, surrounded by smaller photos from your honeymoon. Personalizing the bedroom with romantic pictures will strengthen your closeness and help to deepen the relationship you already have by reminding you both of the love you share.

Add Draping Over Your Bed

The focal point of the room and where you want to feel the most romantic, of course, is the bed. Even if you can’t afford a grand-looking bed, you can still create romance. In addition to romantic bedding, like silk or satin sheets, consider adding white ceiling tracks above the bed. You can hang curtains from each corner, so it resembles a four-poster bed. Then you can pull the curtains closed for a truly intimate atmosphere. 

If you like the idea of a curtain, but prefer something easy to install, consider a decorative canopy with luxury netting. You can hang the canopy from the ceiling over the center of the bed. The net will flow down to drape around the mattress. This design is quite elegant and adds a truly romantic look and feel to the room.

Take away

Adding romance to your bedroom doesn’t take a lot of money or time. A few simple elements can make a big difference to your decor and will help you create the intimate sanctuary that you and your love will enjoy for years to come.

Create your own romantic bedroom:

Cozy stove heater

Canopy Bed Curtain 

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