Spring proof your house

Choose New Spring Accents to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

After a long winter all our homes are in desperate need of freshening up. Finding bright new home accents to bring new life into your surroundings can be fun and cost-effective. Consider the following items if your home needs a breath of decorating fresh air.

A plant or fresh flowers

Nothing can boost your mood like a burst of color, and nothing provides a burst of color like a potted daffodil or tulip plant (or a flower arrangement of the same flowers). It may not last forever, but for the week it lasts it will provide a cheerful focal point for your kitchen table, bedside table, or any other spot in need of a spot of cheer.

Biophilic design features, or features that seek to remind us of and bring us closer to nature, are all the rage in 2022, and there is no easier or more reasonable way to bring nature closer to you than to actually bring it inside in the form of plants and flowers.

Pillows and accent pieces with bold patterns

You don’t always have the time or the resources to redo the color palette of your home or the patterns of your floors or furniture. What you can do is add a bold splash of color throughout your home with colorfully patterned pillows, wall hangings, or kitchen dishes.

Art that makes itself felt

When looking for art to hang or display in your home, think outside the box of the tastefully framed print or painting. Think items, and textures, like artfully carved bowls, mixed media art items that bring 3D interest to your walls, and more textured fabric furniture covers that beg to be touched as well as looked at.

Floral decor in the color of the year

Pantone has announced that a bold blue color with a violet-red undertone, named “Very Peri,” is 2022’s color of the year.

If you’re in need of some new pieces for your kitchen, like new dishes or lines or decorative tiles, look for floral patterns that hew closely to this color. Items featuring such flowers as periwinkles, morning glories, hydrangea, delphinium, or hyacinth can all make your meals and room feel more cheerful.

Art prints featuring botanical themes, flowers, or pastoral scenes can also add a bit of the outside to any room, and come in many different styles, from traditional to more modern.

Catchall trays in spring colors

Catchall trays are versatile ways to add mobile storage spots to your homes! Buy several in pastel or other bright spring colors, and assemble a tray with coffee or tea supplies that you can move to any room, or place them on your bedside or sofa tables to hold books, reading glasses, keys, or other necessities of life that you want to keep handy.


Nothing opens up a space better than a well-placed mirror. Mirrors make a room feel more airy and spacious, and can lend a traditional but not stodgy decorating touch to any room. Express your personality (or the room’s personality) through the mirror’s frame; you can find them with everything from minimalist frames or just the glass itself to wide, statement wood or painted or carved frames.

A bright accent rug

Rugs can be surprisingly expensive, particularly larger ones that tie an entire room together. Spring might be a good time to consider introducing such an oversized carpet to your home, but a more cost-efficient and fun way to freshen up your home might be to simply replace the more functional and smaller rugs in your bathroom or in your kitchen. Have a little fun with one or two small new rugs to bring new life to the rooms you use most frequently.

A splash of white or light color

A new coat of paint for an accent wall or a bank of cupboards won’t break the bank, but is one of the more labor-intensive items on this list. Redo a tired or vintage piece of furniture in a new color, paint the vanity cupboard in your bathroom, or paint your kitchen cabinets white to make the whole room feel new.

A new table runner or set of fun glassware

Spring can be a season of celebration–think religious holidays, graduations, and weddings–and everyone is ready to get together after the past lonely few years! Invest in a festive table runner, bright new place mats and napkins, or colorful glass stemware and you’ll be surprised at how fresh and inviting your home can once again become.

Let the fresh air, winds, and sunlight of springtime be your guide for bringing cheerful new decorating accents into your home!

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