Eucalyptus cinerea

Eucalyptus is a large genus of evergreen trees native to Australia and New Zealand. The variant Eucalyptus cinerea, silver dollar tree, argyle apple, is often found growing wild in the Australian bush, but is also cultivated in parks and gardens around the world.

In their natural environment they can grow up to 60 feet, in home gardens it usually stays 6-10 feet. The tree doesn’t bloom very often. The leaves have a silvery to blue-green color, and they give off the plant’s distinct fragrance when bruised. It has a very unique scent that is often used as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics or as flavoring in various drinks and food products..

Eucalyptus requires full sun and well-draining slightly acidic to neutral soil. Eucalyptus trees are best planted in the spring. They are able to gain several feet per year. The bark, leaves, and sap of eucalyptus are toxic to humans and animals.


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