I love interior design, garden design, baking and cats. "If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden." – Robert Brault

Make holidays greener

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Holidays a Little Greener

When you’re planning your gift-giving this Christmas, give a little something back to the planet, too.  These five easy tips will reduce the environmental impact of your holiday celebrations, while also keeping your family healthy, safe and happy. 

take care of orchids

Orchids Plant Care Guide

Large, long-lasting blooms and bright colors make orchids one of the most attractive flowers in the world. White, pink, magenta, purple, and yellow are some of the colors that they come in. If you possess an orchid or are planning to give one as a gift, you should be aware of the special care it takes. Learn how to care for orchids by reading our tutorial. Whether it’s soil guidance or irrigation instructions, we’ve got you covered.

houseplants small appartments

Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

You may be considering a new look for your home. One of the best ways to do this is to add some fresh plants. But, if you live in a small space, like an apartment, or feel like you may not have the time to look after them, don’t worry. Most indoor apartment plants require minimal care and won’t need as much time and attention as outdoor ones. Even if you are a newbie to plant caretaking, plenty of plant options will only need basic care. 

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